1. For how long do I have to sign the contract?

Minimum renting periods are 6 months. For shortly rent write us an eMail.

2. How long is the period of notice?

Period of notice is 4 weeks.

3. Does the price include all fees?

The price covers all utility fees including Wi-Fi & Netflix. For paying Media, Gas and Water u get a another invoice.

4. Is a deposit required?

Yes, a reimbursable deposit in the amount of a month-rent is required.

5. Are the rooms fully furnished?

Yes, all rooms are fully furnished.

6. How does the payment process work?

Payment must be done until the 10th of every month, by tranfer, PayPal, BLIK or credit card.

7. Can a guest stay over in my room?

Yes, however you should inform us about that in advance.

8. Are pets allowed?

Yes, all fluffy companions are welcome! Owners of pets should make sure that pets do not demolish or mess the apartment or bother other people living there.

9. Who pays for minor repairs in the room?

If the damage was done by the tenant it is he or she who need to cover the cost. Other repairs are paid by us.

10. Am I allowed to put up posters or pictures on the walls of my room?

It is forbidden to intervene in any way in the surface of the walls.

11. Do I have to repaint walls in the room when moving out?

Only when the walls are polluted.

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